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Rait Castle

July 14, 1999
Near Nairn, Invernesshire
Map Ref: NH 894 525

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Rait Castle: the road Rait Castle: Northeast wall Rait Castle: Hall
The road to the castle. The back wall of the castle Looking into the hall area through the Northeast wall
Rait Castle: Solar Rait Castle: Solar again Rait Castle: Interior
Solar would have been on the first floor at the back The solar view again Looking down the hall from the solar end
Rait Castle: Tower entry Rait Castle: Domed roof of tower Rait Castle: Window seats
A door on each level leading into the circular tower Domed roof of the tower Interior wall with window seats
Rait Castle: ground floor gunloop Rait Castle: Hall entry Rait Castle: Hall entry with gunloop
Gun loop Doorway entry to the first floor hall with a gunloop beside it The first floor entry from the exterior
Rait Castle: SE wall Rait Castle: Windows on SE wall Rait Castle: Circular tower
The Southeast wall looking towards the tower Exterior of the windows seats on the SE wall Circular tower with a window seat on the West
Rait Castle: NW wall
Looking down the Northwest wall towards the latrine tower
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