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Rodney Stone

July 14, 1999
Near Forres, Moray
Map Ref: NH 984 577

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[Grampian Region]

On the way to see Brodie Castle, we almost missed this great Pictish stone carving. It is a 9th century class II stone. It has Pictish symbols on one side (and Ogham markings) and a Celtic cross on the reverse side. There are several symbols, on one side there is two fish, a kelpie, a double disc and Z rod combination. On the cross side, there are very worn carvings in each corner with intertwined animals. Initials have been carved on either side of the cross shaft.

In 1782, it was dug up by a local gravedigger/ratcatcher called Rotteny (rat). He found it in the foundations of a parish church. The stone was moved to the side of road leading to Brodie Castle in 1842.

Rodney Stone: Celtic cross Rodney Stone: Pictish carvings
Rodney Stone: Corner
Corner of cross side
Rodney Stone: Cross shaft
Detail of cross shaft
Rodney Stone: Cross center
cross center