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Ruthven Barracks

July 16, 1999
Near Kingussie, Invernesshire
Map Ref: NN 764 997

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Ruthven Barracks was built to help control the Highlands of Scotland after the first uprising. Four locations were identified to build barracks, Bernera, Inversnaid, Kiliwhimen and Ruthven. Ruthven was completed in 1721 and withstood Bonnie Prince Charlie's army in 1745. A year later, the Jacobites came back was Ruthven surrendered to them. As a result, the barracks were burned.

Ruthven Barracks: From afar
Ruthven Barracks: Well Ruthven Barracks: One block

Each block would house 60 infantrymen for a total of 120. The officers had separate quarters in the upper floors of the towers. The men were expected to cook and do their own laundry. There was a separate oven for the baking of bread. Stables were added later to house the mounted troops.

Ruthven Barracks: The approach