Renaissance Faire Pictures

1996 Renaissance Pleasure Faire Photos

At Glen Helen Regional Park near San Bernadino, California.

Photos taken with a Kodak DC50 digital camera. The photos below are reduced from the original 756x504 JPEG files that they link to. Click on the small image to see the larger. These images have been saved at the 80% JPEG setting to cut down on file size and transfer time. If you have need of higher quality versions, just drop me an email.
Note: All images are Copyright 1996-1999 by Phillip Wright.

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Caroline & George
in their new costumes.
Friendly staff at one
of the clothing booths.
(93K) (101K)
A group of singers (Country Matters) entertains the crowd.
Her Majesty, the Queen.
God Save The Queen!
A jester of course.
Some of the friendly
folk at the fair.
If you recognize these people, let me know so I can send them a copy of the picture.
Steve Jones, Master of the Lists, thanks to Melissa for the information.
Knights preparing for the joust.
The victorious Red Knight.
Some people dancing around with deer heads on sticks.

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