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Scotstarvit Tower

August 15, 1997
Near Cupar, Fife
Map Reference: NO 370 113

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Scotstarvit:Tower Castle

The Tarvit lands were confirmed to the Inglis family in 1487 and Scotstarvit Tower was probably constructed some years after that. In 1612 the tower was purchased from Alexander Inglis by the author Sir John Scott.

Looking up from the north.

A basic L-plan tower house, Scotstarvit rises up six stories including a gabled garret. A battlemented parapet projects out from the top. At the top of the stair tower is a pepperpot caphouse. It is just visible in this photo.

View from the south.
Scotstarvit:Window seat

The tower has vaulted stone ceilings over the first and third floors for added strength. Stone window seats can be found on the first through third floors.

The west wall of the basement and first floor.

Sir John Scott had some minor alterations done to the tower in 1627 and this date is found on an armorial tablet decorating the caphouse and once on a fireplace from the top floor. The heraldric fireplace was moved to the nearby mansion of Hill of Tarvit.

View of the caphouse from the parapet walk.