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Scotstarvit Tower

August 15, 1997
Near Cupar, Fife
Map Reference: NO 370 113

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Scotstarvit:Ground Floor

The ground floor was probably used for storage with the entrance leading to the stairwell.

The first floor is vaulted and the floor material between the ground and first floor no longer exists.

The Hall is on the second floor with a small side chamber off the stairwell with sink and a window into the Hall. There is also a small latrine in the corner.

The third floor was probably divided into two private chambers since there were two fireplaces built into the walls. This floor also boasted a vaulted ceiling.

Fourth floor was private chambers

Finally the Battlements had an attic built for Sir John Scott. He wrote his satire the "Scot of Scotstarvit's Staggering State of Scots Statesmen"

Scotstarvit:Third Floor
Scotstarvit:First Floor Scotstarvit:Fourth Floor
Scotstarvit:Hall Floor Scotstarvit:Battlements