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Skelbo Castle

July 15, 1999
Near Dornoch, Sutherland
Map Ref: NH 792 952

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Skelbo Castle

Skelbo is a very ruined 14th century keep. In 1290, the English and Scottish gathered here to greet the Maid of Norway, but were informed of her death at Kirkwall.

The keep was probably inhabited as late as 1769 by Jacobites. It is assumed to have been abandoned when the Countess of Sutherland took control in 1787.

Skelbo Castle: Possible kitchen
Remains of a block which might have been used for storing and preparing food
Skelbo Castle: West corner
The Western corner of the castle which has fallen away
Skelbo Castle: West corner 2
More of the northern face of the castle
Skelbo Castle: from middle of hill
View from halfway up the hill