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Spynie Palace

July 14, 1999
Near Elgin, Moray
Map Ref: NJ 231 658

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[Grampian Region]
Spynie Palace: David's Tower Spynie Palace: South wall Spynie Palace: SE Tower with Chapel wall
David's Tower - remodeled between 1450 and 1480 View along the south wall Southeast tower with exterior chapel wall
Spynie Palace: SE Tower Spynie Palace: SE view of Tower Spynie Palace: Tower with chapel wall
Southeast tower David's Tower from the Southeast Tower with part of the chapel wall
Spynie Palace: SE tower and east wall Spynie Palace: SE tower from NE Spynie Palace: Tower
Southeast tower and East wall Southeast tower from the Northeast corner View of the tower from the water gate
Spynie Palace: East gate Spynie Palace: East Gate 2 Spynie Palace: West range
East gate - part of the 16th century remodel. It replace the original gate in the South wall West range from steps of Tower. Site of the 14th century hall which was possibly converted to living quarters
Spynie Palace: North range Spynie Palace: East range Spynie Palace: South range
North range which included new kitchen, great hall, water gate, and cellars East range and courtyard - built in the 17th century, possibly for the keeper of Spynie. South range which included the chapel and gallery
Spynie Palace: West range above Spynie Palace: West range and water gate Spynie Palace: North range and well
West range from the top of David's tower. North range - site of the great hall and the well room
Spynie Palace: South range chapel Spynie Palace: West range Spynie Palace: NE tower
South range - chapel West range Northwest tower and water gate
Spynie Palace: Great hall Spynie Palace: Well Spynie Palace: Chapel wall
Great hall The well under the great hall Interior of the chapel wall

Tower interior

The roof has been covered to preserve what is left of the interior of the tower. Much of the plaster is still there as well as the arched ceiling of the hallway. There are six floors to this tower with the entrance on the first floor. The ground floor contained cellars and storage.