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St. Andrews Castle

August 14, 1997
St. Andrews,Fife
Map Reference: NO 513 169

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[Fife Region]
Capstone on display in the visitor center. Another capstone Entrance to the castle with the fore tower remains
More of the foretower. Foretower View along the East range. In the middle, is the entrance to the countermine.
Inside the foretower The side of the foretower and the curtain wall. Guard room with one false start on the countermine.
Along the Chapel area, above the entrance and guard rooms Across the courtyard towards the North range with the well in the foreground Chapel on the first floor.
Entrance gate from across the courtyard. View from the top of the Kitchen tower. Along the shore line on the north side.
Stones, corbels and other pieces that haven't found a home yet. Along the North range wall. Along the East range, with the docking area.
The countermine, at the entrance. The attackers mine, it even had steps.