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St. Columba's Cave

July 18, 1999
Near Lochead, Kintyre
Map Ref: NR 752 768
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[Argyll Region]
St. Columbas Cave: Entrance

The path to the caves is fairly obscure and goes behind a 13th century chapel. This cave is where Saint Columba stayed while petitioning King Conal for permission to start his monastery on Iona in 563 A.D. The saint is said to have carried on his ministry in these caves. The larger cave holds a simple stone altar, believed to be Columba's holy shrine. There is a secondary room in this cave with a very small opening. Farther along the cliffs is a second cave that was probably used as a dormitory.

St. Columbas Cave: secondary room
Entrance to second room

13th century church
The ruined 13th chapel

St. Columbas Cave: Altar
The stone altar in the first room