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Stirling Castle

August 16, 1997
Stirling, Stirling
Map Reference: NS 790 940

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A Brief History

Stirling Castle dates from the 12th century and occupies a prominent position in the history of Scotland. Secure on its volcanic outcropping it was witness to William Wallace's victory over the English at Stirling bridge in 1297. Stirling Castle also played a part in the defeat of the English at Bannockburn by Robert the Bruce in 1313.

Stirling Castle continued to provide a setting for dramatic events in Scottish history over the succeeding centuries. In 1452, William, 8th Earl of Douglas, was murdered by James II and his mutilated corpse thrown from a window. Mary Queen of Scots was coronated in the Chapel in 1543. Bonnie Prince Charlie laid siege to Stirling in 1746 but failed to take it.

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