Nether Largie Cairns

August 6, 1997
Kilmartin, Argyll
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The Nether Largie Cairns are part of a linear progression of cairns. Several hundred feet separate them but they appear in a North-South direction. Nether Largie Cairns are sandwiched between the Glebe Cairn (not shown) to the North and Ri Cruin (also not shown) to the South. It is supposed that these cairns were built in progression to bury ruling families.

These cairns are located in the Kilmartin Valley in Argyll county. About a mile south of Kilmartin village.
   Largie North Nether Largie North - A fairly large circle with one burial cist. The cist is shown here at the lower left corner. The capstone has cup and ring marks along with some axe carvings.
Nether Largie Mid - About 100 feet in diameter with a burial chamber in the center. The chamber has been excavated and is about 12'x8'. Entrance is gained from the top of the chamber. The workmanship inside is outstanding; the walls are very straight and the corners are sharp. Nether
   Largie Mid
   Largie South Nether Largie South - The oldest burial site in the line is a round cairn constructed in the Neolithic period. The cairn is about 130 feet in diameter with a large central chamber underneath. The chamber is 20 feet by 14 feet. There are entrances to the chamber from the North and South.

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