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Strathaven Castle

(Also known as Avondale Castle) August 16, 1997
Strathaven, South Lanarkshire
Map Reference: NS 703 445

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[Clyde Region]

Dating back to the 14th century, Strathaven had several owners. In the early 1400's, it was owned by the powerful Douglas family. After the suppression of the House of Douglas in 1455, it passed in 1458 to Sir Andrew Stewart, who later become the first Lord Avondale. The 3rd Lord lost it to Sir James Hamilton of Finnart in 1534. In 1611 Strathhaven was sold to James, 2nd Marquis of Hamilton and it remained in that family for three hundred years.

An interesting story is told on the plaque outside the castle.
According to tradition, the wife of a past lord so greatly displeased her husband that she was walled up alive in part of the Castle wall. Nothing is recorded of her crime, yet it is said that she was led into a small purpose-built niche, blessed by a priest, given some food and water, and then walled up forever. When a portion of the walls fell down in the middle of the 19th Century human bones were discovered, giving some credence to this story.

View from the south. View from the northeast.
View from the northwest. View from the west.