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Tolquhoun Castle

August 12, 1997
Near Oldmeldrum, Aberdeenshire
Map Reference: NJ 873 286
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[Grampian Region]

Tolquhoun was established in 1420 as a fortified keep. The original tower keep was built by the Prestons and passed to the Forbes by marriage. In 1584, the rest of castle was constructed by William Forbes and his wife Elizabeth. Most of the castle is of the newer construction.

The old tower had a standard floor plan with four stories. The newer sections housed a great hall, bake house, pit prison, and several rooms for the family and household.

A very beautiful place. All the courtyard walls had gun loops, and arrow ports and appeared very defendable, however, the castle was built as a manor for gracious living.

Tolquhoun was turned over to the state for care and maintenance in 1929. The property is currently maintained by Historic Scotland.