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Tolquhoun Castle

August 12, 1997
Near Oldmeldrum, Aberdeenshire
Map Reference: NJ 873 286

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[Grampian Region]
Entrance from the outer yard to the inner courtyard Inner courtyard as seen from the gate Looking down the ground floor level on the west range. This was under the gallery. Staircase from the gallery into the lower levels with the brew house and servants quarters.
From the guard tower looking towards the old tower. The gallery in the west range. Towards the inner courtyard from the guard tower. Towards the east range. This was under construction.
The old tower corner of the courtyard. Fireplace in the family quarters. Fireplace in the great hall Entrance to the couryard
Hallway under the great hall. Some of the stonework that could not be placed. West range from the old tower. Outer wall.