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Toward Castle

July 20, 1999
Near Dunoon, Argyll
Map Ref: NS 118 678

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[Argyll Region]
Southwest corner of the tower. South wall of tower. Another shot of the south wall. Looking southwest across the east range.
Looking past east range towards tower. Inside courtyard looking towards bakehouse and gateway. East range looking towards north end. East range looking towards north end.
Collapsed entrance to basement of tower. Closer look down into cellar. Larger of the two vaulted cellars. Another view of the larger cellar.
Looking down into the smaller cellar. Closer look Looking south towards remains of fireplace in the east range. From the west side of tower towards the east range. From tower north across the courtyard to the gate.
Side of the tower looking along the length of the east range. Same. From outside the NW corner of the wall towards the tower. Coming up the path on the east side.